Detroit Tigers 2016 aggregated prospect rankings

Detroit Tigers Workout
Joe Jimenez pitches during Detroit Tigers spring training Sunday at the TigerTown Facility in Lakeland, Florida. (Photo by Mark Cunningham/MLB Photos via Getty Images)

There are plenty of opinions out there when it comes to ranking Detroit Tigers prospects. Each list has its own flavor, as different analysts have distinctive resources, preferences, and qualifiers. Some leave players out inexplicably or include players who have since left the club. Some go 10-deep and some 50. Following, you will find my attempt to reconcile those variations by aggregating all the 2016 rankings I could find.

There’s no perfect way to do this. I prioritized simplicity. I compiled rankings from Minor League Ball, MLB Pipeline, Baseball Prospectus, Baseball America, FanGraphs, TigsTown, Motor City Bengals, MLive, Prospect 361, The Detroit NewsTopProspectAlert, and ESPN Insider. Then, I averaged each player’s ranking and added a point for each list that did not include them. The result:

  1. Michael Fulmer (RHP)

    Detroit Tigers Workout
    Michael Fulmer, left, and Justin Verlander field during Detroit Tigers spring training Saturday at the TigerTown Facility in Lakeland, Florida. (Photo by Mark Cunningham/MLB Photos via Getty Images)
  2. Beau Burrows (RHP)
  3. Christin Stewart (OF)
  4. Derek Hill (CF)
  5. Joe Jimenez (RHP)
  6. Kevin Ziomek (LHP)
  7. JaCoby Jones (SS)
  8. Spencer Turnbull (RHP)
  9. Steven Moya (RF)
  10. Dixon Machado (SS)
  11. Mike Gerber (RF)
  12. Jairo Labourt (LHP)
  13. Tyler Alexander (LHP)
  14. Zach Shepherd (3B)

    Knoxville, Tn - Tennessee Volunteers Vs The University Of South Carolina Gamecocks
    Christin Stewart swings during a 2013 game with the Tennessee Volunteers. (Getty Images)
  15. Drew Smith (RHP)
  16. A.J. Simcox (SS)
  17. Jeff Ferrell (RHP)
  18. Buck Farmer (RHP)
  19. Drew VerHagen (RHP)
  20. Anthony Pereira (SS)
  21. Adam Ravenelle (RHP)
  22. Wynton Bernard (CF)
  23. Josh Turley (LHP)
  24. Paul Voelker (RHP)
  25. Edgar De La Rosa (RHP)
  26. Montreal Robertson (RHP)

    Oklahoma v LSU - Super Regional
    JaCoby Jones, right, tags out a runner during a 2013 game with the LSU Tigers. (Getty Images)
  27. Anthony Castro (RHP)
  28. Austin Kubitza (RHP)
  29. Kade Scivicque (C)
  30. Arvicent Perez (C)
  31. Dominic Moreno (RHP)
  32. Grayson Greiner (C)
  33. Cam Gibson (OF)
  34. Gerson Moreno (RHP)
  35. Julio Martinez (OF)
  36. Jose Valdez (RHP)
  37. Endrys Briceno (RHP)
  38. Angel Nesbitt (RHP)

    Detroit Tigers Workout
    Jeff Ferrell, left, and Drew VerHagen field during Detroit Tigers spring training Saturday at the TigerTown Facility in Lakeland, Florida. (Photo by Mark Cunningham/MLB Photos via Getty Images)
  39. Artie Lewicki (RHP)
  40. Dominic Ficociello (1B)
  41. Melvin Mercedes (RHP)
  42. Randel Alcantara (3B)
  43. Gregory Soto (LHP)
  44. Sandy Baez (RHP)
  45. Jose Azocar (CF)
  46. Hector Martinez (2B)
  47. Trey Teakell (RHP)
  48. Matt Hall (LHP)
  49. Jose Salas (SS)
  50. Kody Eaves (2B)
  51. Eduardo Jimenez (RHP)

    College World Series - Vanderbilt v Virginia - Game Three
    Adam Ravenelle celebrates a strikeout to win the 2014 College World Series Championship with the Vanderbilt Commodores. (Getty Images)
  52. Dean Green (DH)
  53. Confesor Lara (RHP)
  54. Will Allen (C)
  55. Francisco German (RHP)
  56. Shane Zeile (C)
  57. Ross Kivett (CF)
  58. Joey Pankake (2B)
  59. Adrian Alfaro (SS)
  60. Steven Fuentes (SS)
  61. Eudis Idrogo (LHP)
  62. Johan Belisario (RHP)
  63. Gabe Hemmer (RHP)

A few notes:

  • Michael Fulmer was the consensus No. 1.
  • MLive did not include Derek Hill, who six other sources placed at Nos. 2 or 3. The resulting penalty gave Christin Stewart the No. 3 spot here.
  • Baseball America and FanGraphs both ranked Mike Gerber at No. 3, while MLive put him at No. 4 and Motor City Bengals at No. 6. However, rankings between Nos. 12-16 from MLB Pipeline, TigsTown, and The Detroit News knocked him down to No. 11 here.
  • Wynton Bernard got rankings between Nos. 10-13 from Minor League Ball, FanGraphs, and Motor City Bengals. TigsTown and MLB Pipeline put him at Nos. 46 and 24, respectively, lowering him to No. 22 here.
  • FanGraphs was the only source to rank Jeff Ferrell and did so at No. 12.
  • MLB Pipeline was especially high on Steven Moya (No. 2) and Austin Kubitza (No. 7), who got aggregated rankings of Nos. 10 and 28, respectively. TigsTown had Kubitza at No. 47.
  • The Detroit News and Minor League Ball are far apart on Matt Hall, giving him respective rankings of Nos. 48 and 19.
  • Dominic Ficociello got love from FanGraphs, who put him at No. 13, while three other sources ranked him between Nos. 26-45.
  • Baseball Prospectus released its top 10 back in November, so it featured Javier Betancourt and Luis Cessa, who have since departed the Tigers. I moved Dixon Machado from No. 9 on that list to No. 8 as a result.
  • Detroit acquired Kody Eaves in January, so he is only listed in Lynn Henning’s ranking for The Detroit News. He might otherwise have been included in TigsTown’s list, the only other to go 50-deep.

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