1185872_10201744650235345_2040780840_nI love baseball’s balance of mathematics and poetry—science and art. I love its receptivity to writing both literary and technical—belletristic and utilitarian. I love the crescendo of a first-class home run call. I love that the break and spin rate of a curveball are always at my fingertips. I love spreadsheets. I love raw data. My name is Garret Craig, and I am a senior journalism major at Cornerstone University, a copy editor for MLive Media Group, and, most relevantly, a fan of Detroit Tigers baseball.

Here, you can read my thoughts on the team, generally based on statistics and often incorporating Sabermetric principles. Though my work in baseball analysis is amateur, I consider myself literate and experienced. In high school, I was recruited to join the staff of Detroit Baseball Page, which eventually grew and was absorbed into MotorCityBengals.com. I wrote for that site, whose parent digital content network FanSided is a division of Sports Illustrated, for about two years. During that exciting time, I also amassed a loyal and active audience that included more than 700 followers on Twitter.


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